Wednesday, 9 November 2011

L'argon & the jargon!

I live in a house with eight young french people.  
                                  Perfect for improving your all over french knowledge from best bars to cooking skills! 

But naturally I have picked up some of the slang, bad habits, street verlan that surrounds me on a day-to-day basis. As always in the process of learning, I have made some rather humiliating mistakes along the way... 

I feel another post exposition of 'faux-pas's coming along...

We're using my laptop to play music through the guitar amp, it's much too loud so one of my flat mates asks:

Vincent: " 'Azel, comment est-ce qu'on peut baisser le sens?"
Hazel: "Donne-moi une seconde et j'arrive pour baiser le sens."

This sentence is followed by a dramatic silence.
 The kind that makes you know something you've said is not quite what you had in mind...

                                                           All my flatmates burst out in laughter! 

Honestly, I was completely lost at this point:
"Bah, quoi?! Qu'est qu'il y a?!"

Moral of the story: Pronounce a single 's' like a 'Z'...

"Baisser qlqch" - To lower or to turn something down.
"Baiser qlqch" - To fuck something.


Vincent: "Hazel, how can you turn down the volume?"
Hazel: "Give me a second and I'll fuck the sound."

Quite a violent reply really when you think about it.

Lesson Learnt.