Friday, 7 January 2011

"Nul ne s'egare sur le droit chemin.."
Nobody gets lost on the right road.
It's one of those pointless quotes that I have picked up. But somehow, subconciously it's become something of a reassuring personal mantra.

In 22 days I am moving to Paris.
For the first 6 months I'll be au pairing.
Followed by 3 years of studying and living full time in the the most romantic city in the world!

Exciting? Definitly.
Nerve racking? Well, truthfully I hadn't thought about it! Infact, to me I wasn't 'moving out' just taking a working holiday! That was, until my younger sister mentioned how she was going to be taking up residence in my room and changing the wall paper.
And it was these changes and all the moments I was bound to miss out on that made me realise: I was leaving. Leaving the comfortable, front row seat I had where I could recline, watch the 'reality TV' show that is all family lives!
And, in my house, if you leave your seat for a second - it's no longer your's. 
Three second rule? Try three year rule. That's the time scale I was working with! 
And all I was worried about? Missing the spectator view I had of my little sister growing up and generally all the tiny snap shots of everything I had begun to collect and cherish.
Sad right? For someone who doesn't watch TV regularly because she is useless at keeping up with the latest episodes, I was still a couch potato.
Too comfortable, but not for long.

I'm days away to living in the capital city of France!
Need I go on?!
Nobody get's lost on the right road, right? 
So here I go, running down a road that might be the right one...but if I do get lost?
Kim said she'd let me have my bed back whenever I come home. 

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