Saturday, 5 February 2011


You think it'd would be easy, wouldn't you? I went out, brought a large suitcase and said with such confidence: "Easy, I can fit everything I need in that!"

How wrong!

"Suitcase, can't you pack yourself? You can come to Paris with me if you do!"

I laid all my clothes out on my bed and began the process of packing...which lasted for about 2 weeks! 

A city landscape,
                  Towering skyscraper's of clothes!
                                                           That was the only progress I made!

Infact, it was only on my last day in England that I filled the suitcase and zipped it shut sucessfully for the first time! I had to leave so much behind all due to the Luggage Weight Restrictions of the ironically named 'EasyJet'. Who conjured a smile from me only by this badly written rule on their website in the 'Baggage Allowanes Rules' Section:
 "This weight allowance applies to the passenger rather than to the bag..."

God, I hope their pilots are more intelligent!

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  1. HAZEL, That sounds like it should do, messy! lol.. only you!! I'm coming over ASAP!!!!! much love xxx