Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Donkey, Santi & The Elevator McFlurries!

If your name begins with a 'H' in France and you're introducing yourself to French people, I wish you the best of luck!
The letter 'H' is usually not pronounced in the French language and so my double 'H' attack name is alittle difficult.....No, let's be fair! It's impossible to comprehend for the majority of the French population is seems!

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Hazel Hurst"
                                   or "Azel 'Urst" en fran├žais has resorted in much confusion.

Here are some replies:
"AXEL?! Your name is not really AXEL, non?!"

"Anzel? You are German then?"

And my favourite:

When I went bowling recently with some friends, the majority of whom were German, the man spelt my name as 'Hazen'...Which is the closest yet I'll give you that!

Perhaps, reassuringly, they also spelt Doreen's name incorrectly! Though personally I prefer the spelling of 'Dorine'; it reminds me of a brand of magarine! :)
After much hassle with this supposedly simple part of conversation (!) I have begun to clarify my name by resorting to: "Oui, Hazel, comme le noix, 'Noisette'"!
                         "Yes, Hazel, like the nut, Hazelnut!"   

And this seems to be catching on as some sort of a nickname! Though recently, another nickname that I have gained from my friend seems to be crushingly popular...

Santina is another 'fille au pair' and she comes from Germany.
She has helpfully pointed out that: "In German, 'Azel' means Donkey!"
Me: "....Eeeyoreeeee! Anyway as Donkey was saying: She is hopefully going to be living in 'La Defense' area, y'know where 'La Grande Arche' is?"
Santina: .......*Cackles with laughter!*  “...In German, ‘La Grande Arche’ means the big arse! And Hazel means Donkey...So...”
Hazel: "This is my future home!!! I'm going to be a Donkey living under a Big Arse!

What else are friends for?
Well, in Santina's case making interesting cake combinations, (Roll on our Peanut and Malteser Muffins!) and who else would I share my Elevator McFlurry Moments with?

:) Bon Nuit!
From, Donkey aka. First Mate Navigator Enzo aka. Noisette aka. Commodeur Frazzle aka. Axel aka. Hazen :)

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