Monday, 28 February 2011

Driving on the Right! It's so Wrong!

I think it's fair to say that my first drive in France went fairly smoothly!
I didn't stall once!
                    No one swore at me!
And considering that Stephane was completely lost and using his iPhone to direct us through traffic!
And bearing in my mind the fact that:
                        "Tout droit!" & "Tourner à droite!"
 Can sound very similar when said in a hurry :)

We made it to our destination! :) Je suis fier! :)

The Bike Shop was were we had arrived and after about two hours of trying to understand the intense discussion on bikes, electric bikes, bike pedals, bike chains, bike tyres & being sent off down the road to try out various bikes - we purchased guessed it bikes!

I felt very french during this episode: Cycling down the road on the right hand side, with a basket on the front, greeting passer's by with a friendly "Bonjour!" and then turning full circle to return to Stephane and the shop assissant with my verdict which was always something along the lines of: "C'est pas lourd et je l'aime!"

I had arrived in France only 4 hours ago and was loving it! Bikes - Check! Intense french discussion! Double check! All I need was a bagette to put in my bike basket!

We took one of the bikes back home with us. This isn't as easy as it sounds! I was driving the Twingo...

So on the return journey - seulement my second attempt at driving 'sur le droit': The boot was wide open, I could see it bouncing up and down as we went along in the rear view mirror! Stephane was on my right clinging to this brand new bike incase it slipped out of the back open boot! And I was sat there in the drivers seat...You guessed it, in my habitual giggles because of the whole situation!

It's true: The french drive like crazy people!

The 'give way' piriority can't make up it's mind and constantly changes sides!
                Some roundabouts are literally a 'free for all'!
                                                                  And they park anywhere they can! But if parked on a pedestrian crossing, the usual action is to: "Just leave the 'azard lights on 'Azel, we won't be long..."

No wonder the French are renowned for making rubbish cars; the manufacteurers don't expect them to survive long anyway before a collison with another vechicle. Why make them time resistant in a city where the rule is 'anything goes'?!

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